Sending email content at specific times helps small businesses improve email marketing campaigns.

A report from ExactTarget found that nearly half of consumers have Liked businesses on Facebook and a similarly large portion have converted after receiving email marketing material. Small businesses looking to improve their presence on the web can leverage these channels to improve visibility and sales.

More than ever, prospects expect businesses of all sizes to provide information on products and services. Creating content that can be included in email campaigns and shared on social networks can help SMBs compete for customers on the web.

Overall, web marketing campaigns present countless opportunities for engagement, which can help drive prospects through a conversion funnel. Lacking a presence on any of these web channels can handicap an SMB looking to drive conversions from their websites.

“Agile (small business owners) who can drive interaction across online channels and build consumer engagement have a clear advantage, and our subscribers, fans and followers research provides the insight they need to understand what consumers expect,” Tim Kopp, chief marketing officer for ExactTarget, said in a release.

Small businesses that have been especially active in their web marketing, especially with social, have successfully improved both lead generation and sales. ContentLEAD recently reported that 37 percent of small businesses with social marketing campaigns in place believe their ability to draw and convert prospects has grown as a result.