Using social marketing to listen to prospects can help small businesses improve content marketing and service.

A report from Zpryme suggests that the American Hispanic community is increasingly active across several different social networks. Moreover, the firm said that ownership of various internet-connected devices has increased steadily, so local businesses might find this audience is checking out their social media marketing campaigns while shopping nearby.

Facebook is the most popular platform for these users, with more than 79 percent of Hispanic consumers included in its analysis active Facebook users. While no other social network was particularly close to Facebook, several others boasted fairly strong numbers among Hispanic Americans. Twitter registered with 29 percent of respondents, making it the second most popular social platform with this audience.

MySpace (23.4 percent), Google+ (19.2 percent) and LinkedIn (12.3 percent) made up the rest of the top five social sites for reaching Hispanic Americans, with a series lesser-known networks claiming minor shares.

Fresh content for social media marketing campaigns aimed at Hispanic audiences is increasingly important as these users are also accessing the channel constantly from several different devices. While the desktop web remains the most popular social access point with 69.7 percent of respondents owning laptops, 51.5 percent said they own smartphones. Moreover, 18.8 percent use tablets and 14.1 percent said they use netbooks to access the web on the go. The more up-to-date a social campaign appears, the more likely mobile social users will pay attention to the content a business shares.

For small business owners targeting the Hispanic community, creating custom content that appeals to these consumers is critical to the success of any web marketing campaign. In general, audience targeting is a top consideration for 97 percent of SMBs using the web to reach to their desired customers, ContentLEAD recently reported.