Linkbuilding is an important part of SEO, and organic content is the best way to develop these links.

As Americans grow increasingly frustrated with the practices of global banks, small, regional credit unions are seeing more interest from both consumers and small businesses. According to a study from AYTM Market Research, more than 17 percent of consumers who only have accounts with large banks are considering credit unions – and small businesses in the credit industry will likely find that content marketing campaigns help them reach this interested audience.

Among the reasons people have turned to credit unions are fewer fees, personal service and their status as not-for-profit organizations. With this in mind, credit unions looking to appeal to consumers and businesses can use content marketing to highlight these value propositions.

Currently, more than 28 percent of consumers have accounts with credit unions. Developing content that discusses the major difference, and benefits of working with a small financial service will help improve visibility on the web so small credit providers can attract more clients. Just 5 percent of AYTM respondents said they do not think credit union membership will continue its ascent in the few years.

Small businesses of all kinds, including credit unions, have found that using content marketing with a focus on local audience targeting can help drive website traffic. As ContentLEAD reported earlier this month, 49 percent of SMBs say the ability to appeal to a specific group of consumers is the most important element of their content marketing campaign.