A Jamba Juice location in Bakersfield, California, has found success with social media marketing.

A Bakersfield, California, franchise of Jamba Juice has seen sales increase since it implemented a web marketing campaign, including frequently updated, engaging posts on social websites.

The store has increased its foot traffic by about 10 percent thanks to Facebook marketing, and it has enjoyed a subsequent boost in sales.

Implementing social media marketing has helped small businesses of all kinds, improve their online lead generation and conversions.

Social media marketing has essentially become the modern form of word-of-mouth advertising. For small businesses or start-up companies, social platforms provide an instant portal to countless potential customers. For the Jamba Juice franchise, social calls to action allowed them get prospects in the store, and it converted them into loyal customers.

ContentLEAD recently reported that a new study demonstrates the value of social for small businesses looking to bring Friends or Followers into their stores. According to the study, as social engagement increases, in-store traffic and sales rise.