Small businesses can improve trust in their websites by creating original website content.

Seventy-eight percent of businesses investing in content marketing do so to improve their lead generation, a study from HiveFire revealed.

The B2B Marketing Trends 2011 survey also found that more businesses are pursuing content marketing than any other channel with 82 percent investing in content. Additionally, companies believe their pursuit of greater lead generation (and eventual conversion) is best achieved with content marketing because it is often less expensive than other channels.

HiveFire’s report found that 83 percent of companies with a sales cycle of at least a year use content, while 86 percent of organizations with a quarterly process and more than 60 percent of those with a weekly sales cycle use content.

Investment in any new marketing channel can be troublesome for some companies. However, outsourcing the process to third-parties with dedicated content writers can make the initiative more seamless.

ContentLEAD reported on Monday that content marketing paired with engaging social media outreach can help businesses appeal to general consumers and business decision makers. The research conducted prior to a purchase increasingly takes place on the web, and businesses can leverage this by improving their overall presence on the internet.