Focusing on local prospects can help SMBs succeed.

Paul Mosenson, a B2B and B2C marketing consultant, recently conducted a poll of his contacts on LinkedIn and found that lead generation is the main goal of small business content marketing. According to the results, 40 percent of businesses believe they need to improve their content marketing strategy to achieve desired results, making it the top strategy for lead gen.

Furthermore, Mosenson said that quality content marketing is a strong element of a website because it boosts SEO and factors into leads and conversions gained from PPC campaigns. In general, small business owners relying on the web have found that website content drives engagement, leads and conversions better than other channels, Mosenson said in his report.

Aside from improving overall content marketing strategies, 19 percent said they want to boost engagement around social media marketing campaigns, which requires the creations of original content to be shared across the social web. Another 19 percent said they hope to “optimize pipeline conversion rates,” but it may be difficult to do that without custom content that compels prospects to convert.

ContentLEAD recently reported that small businesses are more optimistic about their ability to generate leads and sales this year than they were last year. As more begin to understand the ultimate value of web marketing, their ability to leverage the internet to drive sales will likely increase.