Sending email content at specific times helps small businesses improve email marketing campaigns.

More than 56 percent of consumers that subscribe to email marketing campaigns do so to receive product or service information and updates from companies, according to a recent survey from BtoB magazine. Keeping these recipients happy requires businesses to frequently share fresh content, with a focus on both informing existing customers and targeting prospects.

However, businesses owners must also remember to give recipients options to share content from email campaigns on social networks. BtoB magazine reported that 37 percent of respondents enjoy posting the content they receive from email campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. This may be because sharing industry updates and deals makes them thought leaders among their social circles. Small businesses can satisfy subscribers’ desire to share and boost the chances that their content will reach more audiences by including social sharing buttons in their email campaigns.

BtoB reported that SMBs have seen improved distribution of their content with this practice. As more recipients share content with their social contacts, subscribers can grow rapidly as well as website visits when email newsletters link to site content. While there’s no guarantee that social/email integration will immediately result in more exposure, failing to implement the social sharing widgets is a wasted opportunity for small businesses.

Despite a growing desire to share email content with friends and followers, prospects and existing customers are especially sensitive to receiving too many messages. Even if content is increasingly relevant and valuable, recipients unsubscribe if they believe they’re receiving excessive emails. ContentLEAD recently reported that 45 percent of consumers said they have stopped opening emails or unsubscribed altogether because they felt spammed.