Pinterest made some adjustment recently that will make its site more visually focused.

On its company blog, Pinterest announced a series of changes to its profile that will make it easier for small businesses using the site to navigate their pages and be discovered by other users. According to the company, the primary motivations for its adjustments were to focus more on visual content and make the platform easier to use. The updates also make it easier to manage Pinterest marketing campaigns.

SMBs can now see which users have frequently engaged their content through the “Repins from” bar, which shows three users they most often receive engagement from. This will help small businesses using Pinterest for social media marketing develop a greater picture of the prospects they’re reaching.

Boards are also becoming more of a centerpiece, as Pinterest announced the most recent activity will be emphasized on users’ or SMBs’ boards. This will make it easier for businesses to ensure consumers see their most recent posts.

Pinterest’s growth and more user feedback has helped the company see where it needs to improve, and the platform’s recent updates suggests it will continue to evolve to maintain its userbase – and create more marketing opportunities. For SMBs using the platform, the most recent adjustments should enable them to further leverage Pinterest for social media marketing.

ContentLEAD recently reported that Pinterest is quickly becoming a popular social tool for female users. Approximately 80 percent of Pinterest users are female, with many being young educated adults. Business owners targeting this audience should create Pinterest account accordingly.

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