SMBs can now get their social media content in the same circles as industry leaders and famous professionals.

Small businesses using LinkedIn for social media marketing are in a good position to ensure that their content is viewed by prospects on the site. According to a report from Harris Interactive and MyLife, LinkedIn users are more likely to be on the site to consume shared content than users of other social networks.

According to the study, 68 percent of LinkedIn users said they are on the platform solely to read and interact with what people in their industries post. For SMBs, LinkedIn provides a strong avenue to prospects, given the ease with which users can find companies in certain industries. While Facebook, Twitter and other platforms may be more social, engagement on LinkedIn is often more valuable.

Additionally, LinkedIn users are less likely to see irrelevant content than those on Facebook or Twitter.

One area where LinkedIn struggles in comparison to other social networks is in the extended reach of content. Just 10 percent of LinkedIn users are active on the site solely to share content with their own contacts. As such, it’s unlikely that users will share articles or blog posts from content marketing campaigns. Still, LinkedIn’s value in generating leads and expanding visibility for small businesses made it a top priority for many entering 2012. ContentLEAD reported earlier this year that LinkedIn has been more aggressive in its development of tools aimed at making it a more appealing marketing platform. Among the features Company Pages have received this year is a follow capability to allow users to keep up with businesses they’re interested in working with.