LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social media network, surpassed the 200 million monthly active member mark. Professionals living in more than 200 countries and territories use LinkedIn to connect with personal and professional partners, and the site speaks 19 different languages.

Top LinkedIn IndustriesIn the United States, approximately 74 million people use LinkedIn to expand their professional opportunities. In fact, the site sees two new members per second, with 172,800 new users a day. The success stories reported from LinkedIn users compel members to interact on the site, and Deep Nishar, senior vice president, products and user experience at LinkedIn, highlighted one unique situation in the company’s official blog.

“One of my favorite stories comes from Leonardo Brant from Brazil who founded Cemec, an organization to help Brazilian professionals and entrepreneurs think creatively about their business challenges. Today they use LinkedIn as their digital classroom to exchange information and foster a meaningful community to share relevant knowledge,” Nishar wrote.

Professionals all over the world benefit from LinkedIn and specific industries see higher traffic volume long term. Brands can create social media marketing campaigns to build relationships with potential partners, especially if catering to IT, financial services, higher education, computer software or telecommunication audiences, as those sectors have the highest percentage of users. According to LinkedIn, the site hosts more than 4 million IT professionals, 2 million financial services professionals, 1.95 million educators, 1.65 software developers and around 1.59 million telecom individuals.

B2B and B2C LinkedInBrands that want to expand their professional networks, build relationships with partners who can help bolster promotional outreach programs and generate meaningful leads must use LinkedIn. Businesses can publish branded content to their accounts, attracting the attention of connections and driving referral traffic to corporate websites. Subsequent interactions build rapport further, leading to long-term relationships, which can benefit companies’ bottom lines.

According to Webmarketing123, brands generate noticeable content ROI from LinkedIn. The source reports that B2B companies compile 44 percent of new leads from LinkedIn and 23 percent of social assisted conversions. B2C organizations generate 21 percent of new leads via the site and 9 percent of conversions. A business that dedicates time and resource to creating an active LinkedIn presence and campaign can increase both leads and sales effectively.