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LinkedIn has already had a big 2013. The professional network recently surpassed the 200 million monthly user mark, showcasing its global reach, and proving why all business professionals must become members and build brand Pages. The platform is essential to B2B marketing, with Nielsen reporting 51 percent of professionals between the ages of 25 and 34 use social media at work. Webmarketing123 delves deeper into the advantages of LinkedIn for brands, finding that 44 percent B2B organizations generate leads via the social site and 23 percent win conversions through the network. LinkedIn provides members with real results, and a new feature could help companies get a little more from the service.

SM at workLinkedIn now allows businesses to publish special projects, photos and presentations to their Pages directly via the paperclip icon located in the update box. Members can attach an external file quickly, sharing a diverse array of content for lead generation purposes and educational ventures. While at first glance the subtle update may seem small and unimportant, members will certainly see the advantages of circulating various media via the site after a few uploads. Want a better way to increase lead generation through a SlideShare presentation? Upload the deck to LinkedIn and get some feedback from industry experts. Start a conversation with leads and foster stronger connections with future partners.

Brands that don’t have the breadth of media they’d like should look to create diverse content portfolios that resonate with various audiences. Infographics appeal to consumers who prefer to view information, rather than read it line-by-line, and long-form white papers attract higher-level decision makers over quick updates for the average business professional. With the new LinkedIn feature, brands have endless opportunities to distribute website content to the masses.