News content marketing campaigns can help small businesses attract more prospects.

A report from AYTM Market Research suggests that small businesses creating news content are in good position to reach their local audiences when pairing the effort with a social media marketing campaign. The survey suggests that, while newspapers remain the most popular source for local news, 20 percent of consumers use Facebook, Twitter or another platform to stay abreast of regional developments.

While many still turn to newspapers for community information, it’s clear that SMBs targeting regional audiences can augment their content marketing efforts with local news content.

For SMBs, attracting local audiences is often critical to success, whether the goal is ecommerce or using the web to support in-store purchases. Creating articles and blog posts that target a regional audience can help SMBs establish themselves on the web, while also improving their presence in the local community.

Moreover, 38 percent of respondents said they generally enjoy reading local news on the web aside from their social content consumption.

Small business owners should also consider the benefits of using localized content can to appeal to travelers unfamiliar with companies in an area. These shoppers are becoming one of the main targets of content marketing campaigns. ContentLEAD recently reported that SMBs focusing on tourists and others travelers have found them to be an especially active audience once they land on sites. Sixty-five percent of travelers who land on local business pages conduct some secondary activity.