Focusing on local prospects can help SMBs succeed.

A report from BIA/Kelsey found that more companies are adjusting their marketing campaigns to focus on local audiences. For small businesses developing web marketing strategies, a focus on creating site content and other efforts that target nearby prospects can help get ahead of the curb.

According to BIA/Kelsey, mobile search, social media and other channels will see increased attention from consumers, especially as tools for finding local businesses. Developing marketing strategies that help prospects find localized content quickly is critical for small businesses.

As local search becomes increasingly popular among consumers, content marketing that targets these prospects will help small businesses increase visibility.

ContentLEAD recently highlighted data that found including regional terms in a keyword strategy helped a small business achieve the top search position on Google. Moreover, social media marketing and other channels are evolving to provide more options for local marketers. For instance, ContentLEAD detailed the recent rollout of Google+ local, which allows SMBs using the platform to target nearby shoppers by encouraging user feedback and maintaining a strong presence.