MDG Advertising expects local search to generate more than $8 billion in revenue by 2015.

A new infographic released by MDG Advertising suggests that revenue generated by local search will surpass $8.2 billion by 2015. More companies are realizing the benefits of SEO and small businesses, in particular, may find it is profitable to weave localized elements into a search strategy.

While MDG points to Google as the ultimate beneficiary of the increase in local search, small businesses can leverage its growth by customizing web marketing campaigns to reach nearby shoppers. MDG said that 30 percent of all web search will be aimed at finding local results by 2015. Consumers use search engines to locate nearby businesses, from restaurants and clothing stores to enterprise printing suppliers.

Failing to leverage this growing trend will put businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Currently, local search is expanding rapidly as more people begin using the mobile web. To generate a presence on the mobile web, SMBs don’t need substantial technological capability. Small businesses simply need to develop their web content with a mind to appeal to local searchers without neglecting those searching from their desktop.

According to MDG, more than 77 percent of buyers currently use their mobile phones to conduct local searches. This figure represents about 33 percent of all mobile users. As more people begin using smartphones and other mobile devices, local search will increase, as will conversion opportunities.

ContentLEAD reported earlier this month that 50 percent of consumers said they prefer shopping at stores with websites they can access from their smartphones. Many of these shoppers said the ability to find a business quickly on their handsets, look at inventory and then make the purchase was a positive experience. 

Infographic: Local Search Evolved by MDG Advertising
Infographic by MDG Advertising