SMBs can get their most valuable customers to convert with good SEO and website content.

A report from PriceGrabber found that consumers are planning to use several different channels to shop in 2012, eMarketer relayed. As they consult multiple sources for shopping research, buyers say they frequently find discrepancies between offerings, prices and other things that can be frustrating when trying to plan purchases.

Naturally, SMBs will use web- or in-store-only offers at times, and these exclusive deals are good for business. For the most part, though, those shopping with SMBs want to go to stores and see similar products at the same prices they saw on a website.

The importance of matching website content to in-store offerings is growing. Forty-six percent of shoppers included in a Google study cited by eMarketer said they often research purchases online and go to stores to buy the items. Similarly, 42 percent of shoppers plan to do most of their research and buying on the web in 2012, while 45 percent said they’ll combine both the web and in-store shopping this year.

Using content marketing campaigns with messages consistent across platforms will help SMBs ensure that their efforts in store match those on the web.

For SMBs, this is a critical consideration as web marketing becomes a greater portion of their plans moving forward. ContentLEAD recently reported that small businesses in the U.S. plan to be especially active in search marketing, social media and other web channels in 2012.