Finding the location of SMBs with Bing may've gotten easier with the integration of Yelp.

The rise of mobile coupons presents a great opportunity for small businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. A report from eMarketer found that more than 42 percent of smartphone and tablet owners have used mobile coupons or barcode scanners, and this gives SMBs the chance to bring local foot traffic to stores.

Shoppers have an increasingly favorable view of mobile coupons, with more than 43 percent saying they are very useful. However more than 13 percent believe that geosocial services that dispense coupons to consumers based on their location are slightly invasive, consistently tracking their location.

While there are certain trade-offs businesses must make to take advantage of mobile coupons, the ability to augment sales and conversions simply by sending a message through social media or email could be a true game-changer for small business sales.

Ideally, smaller companies can use their social media marketing campaigns to reach their audiences and provide mobile coupon codes for ecommerce use or a barcode to scan in-store. Either way, the coupon often provides enough of an impetus for conversions.

A California-based Jamba Juice franchise found success using mobile coupons and other social content. ContentLEAD reported that sending messages through social channels resulted in more business.