Smartphone owners are active news consumers, which can help drive traffic for small businesses.

Small businesses looking to appeal to last-minute shoppers can integrate a mobile SEO element into their content marketing campaigns to attract those searching from smartphones. Google data about its Valentine’s Day search traffic shows that those looking for gifts or reservations in the eleventh hour turned to their smartphones more than any other device for quick information.

According to Google’s Mobile Ads Blog, 62 percent of search queries among those looking to make last-minute reservations on Valentine’s Day searched for information on their smartphones. The figure represented 227 percent more mobile search volume for these businesses than the previous Tuesday.

For SMBs in other industries, there are always certain days that drive more site traffic. On these days or weeks, the likelihood of prospects turning to their smartphones to find this information is becoming increasingly high.

Other popular searches from mobile devices on Valentine’s Day were for florists and other flower retailers. Even online dating websites saw traffic surges. Ultimately, the data demonstrates that a strong mobile search standing on days of an anticipated surge in sales can help SMBs attract on-the-go prospects.

Search campaigns optimized for mobile may have helped a number of SMBs gain web and foot traffic, and it seems social media marketing was also a popular – and profitable – tactic on Valentine’s Day. ContentLEAD reported that Tweets related to the holiday were especially frequent, leading to several trending topics dealing with love or the day itself.