Multi-screen shoppers are increasingly active on search engines.

A report from Pew suggests that mobile web access has become increasingly common, with 55 percent of all American mobile phone owners browsing the internet on their handsets. Moreover, 17 percent of respondents said they access the web from a mobile device more frequently than they do from a laptop or desktop computer.

For many small businesses with limited budgets, mobile marketing has been problematic in the past. However, the increased capability of smartphones has made it easier for SMBs to stand out on the mobile web. Social media marketing, newsletter campaigns and custom content initiatives can all be accessed from smartphones without losing much impact.

According to Pew, consumers say they enjoy using their handsets to browse the web especially to replace desktop and laptops when they’re unavailable. Additionally, access to quick information (that could drive foot traffic for SMBs), such as addresses, phone numbers and other content, is improved by smartphones.

ContentLEAD recently cited data from a study that found 84 percent SMBs making considerations for mobile users in their various web marketing channels have found lead generation, site traffic and internet conversions all increase as a result.