Google is currently urging small businesses in Oklahoma to develop websites.

According to Google, 97 percent of buyers begin searches for local products and services online. However, as part of its trip across the country to trumpet the benefits of a website small business, the company has reported that many SMBs aren’t prepared to generate leads and sales from these local searches . Most recently, Google stopped in Oklahama, where it says 62 of small businesses do not have a website.

It seems many small business owners in the The Sooner State do not believe they need a website, despite the substantial amount of time and money people spend online every day.

Google says it may seem like an investment to build an online presence, but failure to do so costs SMBs leads and sales. As it has elsewhere, Google helped Oklahoma businesses set up websites and implement tools aimed at helping business owners generate revenue online.

Google also announced it will be in New York on November 14 to conduct a similar conference at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy. While the company has spent most of its time in the Midwest to this point, New York Senator Charles Schumer recently urged Google to help businesses in his state create an online presence, ContentLEAD reported.