Website content that focuses on energy efficiency could help vendors appeal to target audiences.

A report from Facebook and Forrester found that 37 percent of businesses using social media marketing have found the channel improves their web leads and conversions. For small businesses looking to improve sales, a social campaign may be the best bet.

Twenty-one percent of respondents said they’ve been using social to drive sales for “some time,” while 16 percent reportedly began in 2012. Either way, these SMBs have seen that prospects accessing their companies’ social accounts have responded positively to the campaigns.

Using social media marketing to fuel sales demands strategic planning, since it requires an optimized conversion funnel. Essentially, plugging a product or service on Facebook and Twitter and linking to conversion page won’t be enough. Small businesses need to consider how they can offer value-driven content from the social click to the check out page on their sites.

Integrating social with content marketing can help provide even further impetus for a prospect to convert. Aside from the SEO benefits of high-quality content, linking to website articles from social pages will help provide information and educate prospects.

ContentLEAD recently reported that small businesses should frequently test their websites to optimize them for conversions. The technical side of things is important to monitor, but assessing which content and which calls to action are leading to the most sales is critical as well.