The new Pinterest Categories tab could help SMBs drive more relevant traffic to their sites.

Pinterest has added a Categories feature to its site that will enable small businesses using the platform improve social visibility. This update may give Pinterest skeptics better reason to use the visual network, as shared content is more easily discovered by relevant audiences to improve and drive site engagement.

In recent months, Pinterest has seen its growth plateau after a surge in the latter portion of 2011. However, the company has continued to innovate to make its service more useful for both businesses on the site and general users.

The addition of Categories will help users find the type of content they’re looking for more quickly. SMBs using the site to share visual content, whether it’s an image of a product, an image that corresponds with a blog post or an infographic, should be sure to leverage the Category feature to guide users to their content. ContentLEAD reported recently that about 14 percent of consumers are active on the social network, with more than 20 percent of them using it every day.

Sharing visual content more frequently can help small businesses develop a stronger presence on Pinterest and drive more value from their social media marketing campaigns. Earlier this year, ContentLEAD highlighted data from Shareaholic that found Pinterest generates more referral traffic for SMB websites than Twitter.