Every Facebook marketing campaigns is different, but these insights and statistics can be used to inform them all.

Small businesses using content marketing to boost website traffic and find prospects may find a new distribution tool from Facebook as the company is inserting trending news articles into users’ news feeds. SMBs sharing their website content on the social network can benefit by encouraging readers to Like and share their content and by hitting on industry trends within articles.

As more Facebook users access a piece of content, it will appear as a trending article in the feeds of their friends.

This update highlights the fact that social marketing not only offers businesses the ability to speak directly to prospects, but that’s it’s also a valuable content distribution channel. As Facebook, Twitter and other platforms continue to add new features to make them more useful for both consumers and business users, their value for each increases.

Interest lists are another tool Facebook has recently rolled out to maximize users’ exposure to relevant content. The lists feature allows people to subscribe to different topics to see news content on the platform, ContentLEAD reported.

With the addition of these new tools, small businesses using both content and social media marketing can improve their Facebook visibility by sharing articles and blog posts on the platform.