The inclusion of Personal Results on Google search pages could provide small businesses with the final push to join Google+.

Small businesses considering the use of Google+ as part of their social media marketing campaigns may have received a further push toward a decision on Tuesday. The company rolled out a series of adjustments to its search engine results pages that include data from a logged-in Google+ user’s account in their search results. In other words content shared on Google+ stands to be more visibile online.

“Search, plus Your World,” as Google is calling this update, allows users to see content people in their circles have posted on Google+ along with (or instead of) the regular search results they would see based on SEO efforts. Both personal profiles and Google+ Pages, the platform’s social media marketing tool, show up in users’ “Personal results,” so small businesses now have an even stronger motivation to move into Google+.

Other new features include the inclusion of prominent Google+ profiles or business Pages on the search results pages for related searches. This will direct searchers to the profile of someone considered a thought leader in a specific industry. Aggressive and frequent sharing of content on Google+ could help small businesses appear on these search pages when a prospect enters a term pertaining to their industries.

Though Search, plus Your World, seems to most closely rely on Google+ data, other social marketing efforts may help businesses get their content to appear in Personal results, as well.

If nothing else, Google+ represents one more platform businesses can use to share content with their customers and prospects. ContentLEAD recently reported that small businesses turning to content marketing to boost their web visibility can elevate their lead generation by sharing this content socially.