SMBs can use their website content for Pinterest content.

In today’s market, it can be difficult for small businesses to hold their customers’ attention. While they once competed for Main Street foot traffic, they are now working to attract digital traffic to their web pages as well, using SEO strategies and social media marketing. Pinterest recently announced features that will make it easier for small- and medium-sized businesses to keep conversations with their customers going.

The social pinboard site recently announced three new features for its mobile application that will keep SMBs a click away from customers. Members can now receive notifications on their mobile devices, easily mention other users with the @ symbol and access searches previously performed on their home computers.

“You can also see recent searches you made from other places, so if you searched for a soup recipe from your computer, you can do the same search when you’re at the grocery store with just your phone to help you,” the blog reports.

Pinterest social content search on mobile apps increases discoverability

The significance for SMBs? Companies that are active on the site can reach their customers on the go, when they are ready to make purchases. ContentLEAD previously reported that Pinterest users often go the site to look for items they want to buy, and businesses can encourage them to make a purchase by including the right captions with their social content. SMBs that use verbs like ‘need,’ ‘look’ and ‘want’ to describe their pins tend to drive more traffic to their websites.

Small businesses must take advantage of new social media features to advance their marketing efforts because customers are already on these sites, looking for popular products and learning about the latest trends.