SMBs are smart to create website content for the holidays because the web is a premier shopping destination.

New evidence suggests small business owners don’t need to be wary about discussing products and services with followers through social media marketing. Although consumers congregate on the sites to participate in conversations and review pictures, they are also researching products. A survey conducted by Adroit Digital and Toluna revealed that 40 percent of consumers say they are influenced by reviews they read on social sites.

It appears that organic conversations may be more effective than paid ads because 42 percent of respondents say they don’t notice sponsored marketing materials on their browsers.

This idea is corroborated by a Triggit report, which found that social media content published in news feed campaigns perform better than traditional paid ads shown to the right. In fact, content that’s displayed alongside organic results generate 24x higher clickthrough rates than right-hand ad campaigns, the report noted.

SMBs can bring this idea to their upcoming Facebook ad efforts, or use it as inspiration for their organic content marketing strategies. Knowing that customers respond best to natural search results, small businesses may want to focus on publishing timely updates that engage and educate prospects while also promoting their products and services.