Developing high-quality website content can help small businesses improve visibility in paid and organic search.

A report from Yahoo and Ipsos found that small businesses can use one-time discounts and offers to drum up interest in their products and services, eMarketer relayed. However, the study suggests that original website content can help SMBs generate further interest in the items discounted by the coupons.

Twenty-seven percent of consumers said they would rather receive coupons or discounts through the web, while 33 percent said they still check newspapers, magazines and their mail for offers. Forty percent reported that they are happy to find coupons through both methods.

Ipsos and Yahoo found that 46 percent of consumers will turn to a company’s website to research products once they receive a coupon. While the discounted price can spark some interest, most want to learn more before spending any money. This requires high-quality website content to support offers.

Using content marketing can help small businesses appeal to bargain-hunting customers. Populating a website with articles or blog posts related to products and services will likely help convince prospects to use discounts. Moreover, updated content will go a long way to retaining these customers after the initial purchase.

Many SMBs use social media marketing to post coupons or other discount information. However, ContentLEAD recently reported that integrating different web marketing channels has proven to be a challenge for small businesses. Prospects often land on website without being guided to the accounts that make up a company’s social presence; the reverse is also true. This can make it difficult for prospects to conduct additional research after learning of a discount, and businesses can increase conversion opportunities by building more touch points with these prospects.