Pinterest inspires creativity. The social site’s users surf the network in order to find products they can either purchase or create at home. The obvious benefit of Pinterest for brands is its ability to drive actions like purchases or shares. According to the ACTIVE Network, 70 percent of active Pinterest users generate offline actions, helping brands show content ROI from their posts.

To improve niche aspects of the website, Pinterest recently purchased Punchfork, a popular recipe discovery site, and acquired its assets. Punchfork resembles Pinterest, but includes written content with each post. This aspect of Punchfork could have interested Pinterest, as several industries can’t convey specific messages solely through pictures. A little text wouldn’t hurt.

Punchfork PurchaseAccording to the official Punchfork blog, the company’s team will join Pinterest in San Francisco. Additionally, the Punchfork site, API and mobile applications will shut down as Pinterest integrates features into its own interface. Marketers who want to bolster their Pinterest campaigns may soon see the value of publishing posts to the site coupled with website content. Together, visual media and written copy could improve Pinterest user-ship, driving sales.

Social media marketing through Pinterest offers companies new opportunities to reach wider audiences through infographics, creative pins and quality copy. The advantage Pinterest has over other popular networks is its ability to drive users to act more frequently than any other platforms, as evidenced in the ACTIVE Network report. More, the social network has just emerged from its infancy stage, all the while setting up to become the most influential social commerce network around, a task Facebook and others have consistently struggled with.