SMBs can use their website content for Pinterest content.

Adding Pinterest to social media marketing campaigns can help small businesses increase website traffic, according to data presented by Shareaholic. The fledgling social network actually outperformed both Twitter, Google+ and Bing search results in terms of referral traffic in February, Shareaholic found.

Google search results were still the single greatest source of traffic for these businesses, further demonstrating the value of SEO. However, Pinterest increased from 0.85 percent of referring traffic in January to 1.05 percent in February. Compared to Twitter, which actually saw a decrease in referrals last month, Pinterest is performing quite well.

With Pinterest remaining invite-only, its growth is promising for the future of the social network, especially when it opens to the general public. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest surpassing Twitter is not surprising since that’s the primary use of the platform.

“Pinterest’s digital collage wonderland is essentially a photo-sharing/link-sharing service that is naturally inclined to drive referral traffic,” Janet Aronica wrote for Shareholic. “But as Twitter is another share-heavy platform, Pinterest’s edge over the microblogging service is particularly significant.”

Facebook also saw a decrease in referrals in February. The channel leader checked in at 6.38 percent last month, compared to 6.92 percent in January. Even so, this channel is a top priority for SMBs as 74 percent of business owners say they use Facebook for social media marketing – and ContentLEAD has reported that 81 percent of the same SMBs say social boosts lead gen.

With so many different platforms arising within the social channel, SMBs have some decisions to make. ContentLEAD recently reported that using social is a competitive necessity, with 62 percent of those using social media marketing reporting that it is becoming more important to their lead generation efforts than ever before.