Pinterest reaches more than 27 million monthly active users in the United States, making it an ideal platform for digital marketing initiatives. Brands that develop Pinterest marketing campaigns engage their audiences using visual media, rather than text-only content. While written social media content educates new and existing customers, encourages them to share and respond, pictures often tell entire narratives unique to the medium.

Pinterest continues to advance and improve its service. Recently, Vy Phan, software engineer at Pinterest, published a post to the company’s official blog outlining a few changes the network will implement in the near future.

The blog post reports that Pinterest plans to make the navigation more intuitive, so users can find information quickly. This could help prospects discover branded products online, leading to direct social conversions. More, Pinterest notes that pins will include more information, so members can not only see content published to one board, but the tags used from previous boards. This helps users discover relevant content based on images they’ve already engaged with. When a prospectus comes across a product they like, they can see other items from the brand or board immediately. Overall, Pinterest will improve under-the-hood capabilities, making the network fasted and streamlined for its active users.

Brands benefit from Pinterest’s new updates, as each new function will improve search on the site. Social media marketing through the network will only improve as users discover more brands and products through unique pins and custom boards. It’s important for companies to maintain a presence on this site – Pinterest’s growth shows no signs of slowing down.