Recently, comScore released data from its November 2012 qSearch analysis. According to the data, searchers made approximately 17 billion core queries throughout the month, with Google Sites claiming 11.4 billion and Microsoft Sites with 2.7 billion. Yahoo! generated 2.1 billion searches, while Ask Network (506 million) and AOL, Inc. (287 million) trailed behind.

comscore core searchs november 2012With Americans spending more time searching the ‘net for information, brands must populate their web presence to appear in more searches. While a search marketing campaign can help, businesses must allocate resources toward website content, or else they’ll suffer under Google’s ever-tightening SEO guidelines. Publishing search-friendly content can drive website traffic effectively, but brands see greater content ROI when the articles they post add value to their overall web identities.

More, according to a new study from BizLaunch, 73 percent of entrepreneurs want to see more blog content from the brands they follow on social media. In fact, respondents went as far as saying they want to see updates at least once a week, preferably more. Seventy-two percent of BizLaunch survey respondents indicated that they buy products or services from brands they follow on networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The research also discovered interesting data on the behaviors of small business owners through social networking. According to the report, 65.9 percent follow between one and 10 brands online, and 24.2 percent indicated they engaged with other companies via social media to take advantage of exclusive offers, 23.9 percent said they wanted to compile information about future products and 22 percent stated that they were most interested in new information.

Of course, many brands admit they have trouble identifying what media followers consider most interesting and what subjects compel users to share content within their own networks. Approximately 62.2 percent of small business owners said they define interesting information as media that educates prospective and current customers, while 23.4 percent revealed they believe compelling content helps readers save time and money.

B2B brands that want to increase brand awareness and drive website conversions must publish regular social media content. Content marketing services can provide companies with media to publish on social networks, which can make social media marketing an easier task for businesses strapped for resource and manpower.