Small businesses who Tweet see better metrics than those that neglect the social media platform.

The majority of small businesses already use some form of social media marketing because they know this is a way to start conversations with prospects and engage their existing customers. However, entrepreneurs and business owners might still wonder if these efforts are generating revenue. As if social networks heard them loud and clear, Twitter has made a number of moves that suggest it will help companies tie their social media content directly to website conversions.

Twitter‘s new Lead Generation Cards were just rolled out to all businesses. The sponsored Tweets help SMBs manage social media campaigns to generate more leads. When they are offering exclusive promotions or pushing newsletter subscriptions to build contact lists, companies can collect prospects’ names and email addresses directly through Tweets.

Not only is Twitter turning the social media lead generating into a seamless process, it’s also proving to be a tool for building customer loyalty. ContentLEAD recently reported 86 percent of people are more likely to visit a business’ brick-and-mortar location and 75 percent are apt to purchase from a company they follow on the microblogging site.

Small businesses don’t have to purchase sponsored ads to generate leads. They can also create custom social media content that links back to their websites to drive conversions on product pages.