Small business marketing investment will sway heavily to the web next year, as more than 60 percent of businesses believe their website to be their most important tool.

Consumers increasingly have tools to help them prioritize their inboxes – from Google’s Priority Inbox to Microsoft’s “decluttering” features. With this in mind, marketers who want their marketing messages to be priorities for email marketing recipients need to send valuable, optimized outreach – and Nebraska Furniture Mart’s recent success is a testament to the value of relevant email content.

Recently, the company started focusing on offering content that would be useful to readers, and the result has been more engagement with branded messages. In just one month, the Nebraska Furniture Network says it saw an 8 percent increase in “email effectiveness rates,” which it defines as the ratio of opens to unique clicks.

The Nebraska retailer emphasized meaningful content, and also categorized recipients into groups to ensure they received closely-tailored messages. “Managing data correctly to send relevant messages to subscribers is the key to email and online success,” said Jeff Douglas, internet marketing manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

While segmenting consumers into email outreach groups is a best practice every internet marketer should adhere to, and brands will likely find that fresh content is often perceived as relevant by all segments. A study from ExactTarget shows that nearly half of consumers (49 percent) unsubscribe to emails because the content is repetitive.