Facebook marketing received a mobile kick recently with added control for small business owners on the go.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the launch of its Subscribe feature, which allows users the opportunity to filter unwanted posts from their news feeds, making it especially important for businesses to fuel social pages with content audiences will want to read.

On the surface, the Subscribe features seems like a simple customization tool designed to make the website Facebook less cluttered. However, small business social media marketing strategies could be largely affected without a plan centered around relevant content.

Facebook users typically Like business pages because they enjoy using the company’s products or services. However, excessive or irrelevant posts could result in users modifying their settings for a business. With the Subscribe feature, users can choose to receive “All Updates,” “Most Updates” or “Important Updates Only.”

Worse than being filtered, a small business that frequently posts unnecessary information could quickly lose followers. ContentLEAD has covered surveys that show social users stop following or unLike businesses on social sites when content becomes repetitive or irrelevant – and this means losing leads.

In general, relevancy is major component of any web marketing campaign. ContentLEAD reported this week that any content on a business’ website, social media pages or email marketing blast should be specialized for its predefined audience.