Focusing on local prospects can help SMBs succeed.

Small businesses can help their web marketing campaigns by frequently testing and analyzing their websites to ensure there are no issues with performance, according to a new infographic from Monetate. The data indicates that 66 percent of companies are already regularly testing their web pages.

As SMBs work to develop their inbound marketing campaigns on the web, it’s likely that certain elements will be more effective than others. When a prospect lands on a website and doesn’t convert, it’s likely that some element of the page did not appeal to them well enough.

Testing includes monitoring the actual operation of certain buttons and links, but it also refers to the optimization of website content to appeal to users. According to Monetate, 72 percent of businesse regularly test calls to action to ensure they direct users to the proper pages and match the CTAs to content on the page for relevancy. Moreover, 71 percent focus on the layout of a website to make it as appealing as possible to users.

Content marketing campaigns also requires frequent adjustments to provide the correct information and tone to prospects consuming the content. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they frequently fine tune their content to maximize its value to prospects.

Another content and overall site consideration SMBs, in particular, might benefit from adding to their tests is checking for local-friendliness. ContentLEAD recently reported that 49 percent of SMBs plan to shift the tone of their content to target nearby prospects.