Sales skyrocketed for a site that invested in some landing page optimization.

Through landing page optimization, one small business selling dog supplies saw traffic and conversions skyrocket. These results might make other marketers consider how bringing an SEO eye to ecommerce pages might offer them similar results.'s original landing page lacked search-friendliness. The page was called “Mendota Hunt Dog Leather Center-Ring Safety Dog Collar” (the product's official name), and the content on the page was unoriginal, describing sizing features common to many dog collars.

After doing some research to see which related keywords consumers might be searching on the web, the page was redesigned, referring to the product as a “Leather Dog Collar with Name Plate.” The new landing page also reflects this title in its URL.

The new page is also enhanced with more informational, engaging content. One paragraph explains the unique benefits of the collar – including its “no tangle” guarantee. Another describes its high-quality leather and brass fixtures.

By optimizing this landing page, Search Engine Land reports that the company saw a 600 percent increase in its traffic and a 300 percent increase in sales.

Businesses might take's lead and optimize their landing pages to boost traffic and sales. They might also consider adding local keywords into the mix. As ContentLEAD has reported, Google SEO drives a large share of traffic to local websites.