Developing high-quality website content can help small businesses improve visibility in paid and organic search.

Sixty-eight percent of businesses with active web presences are planning to increase focus on SEO in 2012, while 61 percent said email marketing will receive more financial investment, according to a study conducted by Social Media Examiner.

As part of its 2012 Social Media Industry Report, SME found that small businesses with active social media marketing presences are likely to increase focus on other popular web channels. A well-rounded web presence relies on several different elements to ensure a small business can increase its visibility on the web. Moreover, focusing on several different channels will help keep prospects engaged and actively guide them through a conversion funnel.

The amount of businesses focusing on direct mail marketing continues its slide. Among the channels included in its poll, Social Media Examiner found that direct mail had one of the lowest growth rates, as just 19 percent will increase their investment in the channel. Another 34 percent said they have no plans to use it. Thirty-one percent reported that they are using direct mail, and they are unlikely to adjust their budget for it at all. The simultaneous rise of email marketing suggests businesses are making their marketing messages digital.

Increasing investment in SEO and other web channels that can boost website traffic will likely help SMBs improve search standing. ContentLEAD recently reported that search queries from both mobile and desktop devices will increase substantially in the next four years, and small business marketing campaigns should cater to rising search volumes to boost business discovery.