Hosting a guest blog can be a good thing for a small business website, but it doesn't necessarily help if the content isn't of a high quality.

With more than 47 percent of consumers telling AYTM Market Research that they have corresponded with a company through social media, it’s critical for small businesses to develop a presence in the channel.

The reasons customers and clients reach out to small businesses vary, with 35 percent doing so to complain, 61 percent relaying praise and 62.9 percent asking questions. Regardless of the motivation for the engagement, a social presence helped these businesses communicate with customers.

Without active accounts on popular social platforms, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, small businesses miss out on opportunities to respond to prospects quickly. The benefits of engaging consumers via social platforms are clear: 71 percent of customers said they were pleased when the companies they interacted with responded to their messages. Of course, businesses have to put thought into their social interactions. More than 15 percent said they were not satisfied with the response.

Regardless of the markets they serve, small businesses will likely find their audiences on social as 72.3 percent of respondents Like, follow or otherwise communicate with companies’ social media marketing campaigns.

ContentLEAD recently reported that social efforts have helped businesses improve sales with 60 percent saying they have seen lifts in conversions since launching their campaigns.