A presence on Facebook is the most part of a social strategy for most small businesses.

Small- and medium-sized businesses turning to social media marketing improve engagement levels and garner better interaction with prospects when posting images to their company pages, Roost found in recent research.

Visual content often generates more Likes on the page, Roost reported. Posting engaging pictures of employees will humanize the company for prospects. Similarly, posting infographics and other images can catch prospects’ attention and enable them to quickly consume branded information in a fast-paced social climate. Simply creating a Facebook page and ignoring the visual element is a wasted opportunity for enterprise social media marketing initiatives.

“Facebook is inherently visual, so it follows that photos would ignite more activity here, while Twitter began, and largely remains text-driven,” Roost CEO Alex Chang said in a release. “So it makes sense that quotes create the most engagement on [the microblogging site].”

While Facebook Likes generate valuable engagement, Twitter, too, is a strong tool for SMB social marketing. ContentLEAD reported earlier this month that the social platform surpassed the 100-million user mark.