Sending email content at specific times helps small businesses improve email marketing campaigns.

A report from Marketing Pilgrim found that small businesses in the retail industry are focusing more on sending quality email marketing messages, rather than stuffing subscribers’ inboxes with frequent newsletters. The shift has come over the past few years, as SMBs fine-tuned their marketing strategies to highlight quality content.

According to Marketing Pilgrims’ Frank Reed, many retailers saw their subscriber numbers plummet as prospects are now inundated with messages . As such, excessive messages forced many to reconsider their enrollment in campaigns.

Many companies that have adopted content marketing have started using their articles and blog posts as their email content. This serves to ensure that when businesses choose to send messages, they can fuel them with relevant headlines linked to well-written content, and the email content directs recipients to business websites to read more. Users have taken notice, and the channel has helped many of these SMBs improve web leads and conversions.

Reed cites a report from the Wall Street Journal, which found retailers shifting away from excessive emails have seen open rates increased between 10 and 20 percent since making the move.

In addition to sending less frequent and better messages, business owners should carefully consider who to send campaigns. ContentLEAD recently highlighted unsolicited email messages as another issue SMBs must work to eliminated. Despite legislation outlawing the practices, 28 percent of businesses are still sending prospects email marketing material without their consent.