Google+ reportedly surpassed the 90 million user mark recently, according to CEO Larry Page.

Most of the businesses included in the rollout of Google+ Pages were major corporations or other well known organizations, such as bands and professional sports franchises. However, Zen Bikes, a bicyle shop in Manhattan, was also among the featured companies.

The small bike shop has a loyal customer base throughout New York City and Google+ has allowed the company to serve them better in the early stages of its use.

According to the company’s blog post, Zen owner John Keoshgerian uses Google+ to reach out to new customers, as well speak directly to his existing audience. While other social networks provide similar opportunities, certain elements of the platform may help small businesses improve their customer service.

Keoshgerian demonstrated some of these functions in a video included in Google+’s release.

Features, such as Circles and Hangouts, help companies using Google+ users segment their audiences to a great extent. While this will also help large global companies, it allows for an element of personalized service through social that will help small businesses appeal to customers and foster loyalty.

As more people opt to join Google+, more businesses will likely create Pages. Having a broad social media marketing presence can help small businesses, especially those looking for strong performances during the holidays.

ContentLEAD recently reported that holiday shoppers are increasingly turning to social media to find new offers posted by companies in the lead up to the holidays. With Google+ popularity growing, taking advantage can help businesses distinguish themselves in the early days of Pages.