In the past, Facebook users might have been too young to be in SMBs' target audiences, but the social marketing landscape is maturing.

A report from MerchantCircle found that 70 percent of small businesses use Facebook for marketing. However, many said that they did not find value in paying for advertising on the social platform.

Using Facebook to share content and generate a following among target audiences has helped many of these businesses. Spending money on Facebook ads, though, was not as effective as they would have liked. Still, ads ability to help SMBs reach and engage new prospects helped improve visibility and overall awareness of the company, according to MerchantCircle.

Among those businesses that used Facebook ads in the past, 28 percent said they would not do so again. Forty-one percent cited excessive costs and minimal click throughs as the primary motivations against paying for ads on the website.

The 70 percent that will continue to use social media marketing is an increase from the same poll in June of 2011 when 66 percent provided the same response.

For those expanding their social marketing efforts, a primary concern is the creation of enough engaging content to attract followers and fans effectively. ContentLEAD recently reported that many businesses are using Facebook, but a substantial portion miss opportunities to appeal to prospects with fresh content and interactions.