Social media marketing campaigns can help SMBs stand out on the web by focusing on customer service.

Seventy percent of businesses say they are looking to expand their social media marketing campaigns in 2012 by creating a presence on multiple networks, according to a report from Awareness.

Facebook remains the most popular platform among small business owners and their prospects. Awareness found that 88 percent of businesses currently use Facebook as part of their social media marketing strategy, with 6 percent planning to develop a presence. At the same time, interest in social media marketing on other networks is becoming top priority, with 83 percent of respondents use the microblogging website at the moment, and another 8 percent saying they will do so in 2012.

LinkedIn (used by 76 percent of businesses) and YouTube (used by 66 percent) are also quite popular and will likely become more common for social marketing by year’s end. Ten percent of responding companies will integrate LinkedIn into their strategies this year, while 18 percent reported an interest in using YouTube.

Aside from expanding their presence across platforms, 59 percent said they hope create more social media marketing content, and half hope to manage their campaigns more effectively.

According to Awareness, 45 percent of businesses using social media marketing will monitor their campaigns more aggressively this year. ContentLEAD recently reported that this component is critical to the future of social campaigns, as gaining a more complete understanding of the most effective elements of social marketing will help inform strategies moving forward.