Website content that focuses on energy efficiency could help vendors appeal to target audiences.

Social Media Examiner recently released its 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report and found that 30 percent small businesses are using third-party agencies to manage their social presence. While this represents growth from the 28 percent that did so in 2011, many are still spinning their wheels internally and struggling.

Among the benefits of using a third party to launch or manage social media marketing campaigns are freeing up other resources internally and leveraging the agency’s expertise to boost a social presence.

As SMBs move their marketing to the web, some are challenged by maintaining activity across digital platforms, even though each online channel offers the chance to reach prospective buyers. Small businesses hoping to build their online presence should be especially careful about underutilizing social. The study found 85 percent of companies say social has improved their business exposure. Using a third-party can be less expensive than hiring a new employee to staff a social campaign properly.

ContentLEAD recently reported that many SMBs that have opted to outsource social media marketing find they eliminate issues related to staffing. Thirteen percent of SMBs said they used their third-party to handle all social media marketing activity and enjoy the results.