Small businesses are looking to web marketing as a key driver of success moving forward.

A report from the Sagefrog Marketing Group found that more small businesses consider the web to be the main focus of their marketing campaigns, as more focus will be dedicated to channels more prospects access on line. According to the study, the web accounts for four of the top channels drawing major marketing investment.

Many SMBs said integrated web efforts that focus on guiding users to websites are drawing most of the attention. Social media marketing, SEO, and email and an evolving website are all becoming more popular, as more consumers and B2B buyers use the web to research potential purchases. About two-thirds of companies included in the poll named social media as an important part of their companies’ futures. Sagefrog reported that Facebook and LinkedIn were the most popular platforms named by respondents.

More than half of SMBs said they are actively working SEO into their marketing mix and 76 percent named email marketing as a high a priority. Additionally, overall web marketing was named just behind referrals as a top source of leads, while respondents found that the internet also yields stronger ROI since digital content reaches a larger audience than printed collateral.

“This year’s survey identifies a rise in the return on investment of digital marketing channels and social media,” Mark Schmuckler, managing partner for Sagefrog, said in a release. “Further, the results offer valuable insights that help marketers optimize their marketing investments and business results.”

As more SMBs invest in comprehensive web strategies, the leading online marketing platforms are developing new services and features aimed at making campaigns more profitable. ContentLEAD recently highlighted a series of adjustments from Facebook, including Scheduled Posts, that will help small businesses customize their social media marketing efforts more effectively.