SMBs are smart to include their phone numbers on their websites so customers can easily contact them.

Google and DudaMobile have launched a concerted effort to help small businesses create mobile websites. On its Analytics blog, Google said that many SMBs view mobile as a part of the future despite present growth in both the smartphone and tablet markets.

Should small businesses leverage the offer from Google, they will receive a year of free mobile site hosting from DudaMobile, as well as access to Google Analytics. Google’s service makes launching mobile websites simple for SMBs, just as a mobile presence moves to a competitive necessity for companies of all sizes.

The initiative is part of Google’s mission to make the mobile web more friendly for business. Last year, the company rolled out in hopes of convincing SMBs to create mobile presences.

For B2C companies, a mobile website is especially important given the growing use of smartphones to find nearby restaurants, retailers and other small businesses. Consumers want to be able to locate the best SMBs in their area. Without mobile web presences, could miss out on foot traffic from these shoppers.

ContentLEAD recently reported that the holiday shopping season led many small businesses to consider the mobile web, as data suggested 15 percent of consumers made purchases directly from smartphones.