Website content that focuses on energy efficiency could help vendors appeal to target audiences.

A report from CentrSource found that small businesses want to implement web marketing campaigns, but many are hesitant to use group buying and other discount models too frequently. Luckily, the study suggests that content marketing (without couponing) can be key to catching first-time buyers’ interests.

However, most SMBs say they have struggled to attract first-time shoppers without turning to coupons and deep discounts. Yet, appealing to consumers requires the creation of original content, according to CentrSource’s report. A study of consumers and their SMB spending habits found that shoppers are more likely to do businesses with local, smaller companies if their websites contain original content that is free to access.

Prospects are increasingly likely to spend money with local businesses, CentrSource found in its report.

Reaching prospects on the web is critical as an increasing numbers of Americans access marketing content on several web channels. ContentLEAD recently reported that social media marketing campaigns are especially critical moving forward as engagement becomes more valued. More than 35 percent consumers said that engagement from businesses on social media platforms was “very important” to their purchase decisions.