Email marketing is just one of the campaigns marketers are actively looking to improve measurement of.

As part of its State of Marketing 2012 report, IBM found that small businesses and other companies using web marketing are actively looking for new ways to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. The study found 35 percent of companies are not analyzing the data related to their website visitors well enough to develop results-driven campaigns.

With social media, email and content marketing, small businesses are finding that the conversion funnel is changing rapidly with prospects entering it at several different points. Failing to measure and analyze activity effectively has left many campaigns without clear guidance for moving forward.

According to the study, small businesses are missing out on opportunities to drive traffic and improve campaigns because of poor data measurement. Additionally, SMBs are not using data they have assembled to inform efforts across marketing channels. Thirty-four percent of SMBs using email marketing hhave not effectively integrated it with the rest of their campaigns failing to incorporate data related to top-performing website content or successful social media marketing campaigns into email message creation. Businesses that are unclear as to how they can improve email messages based on other marketing analytics should consider seeking guidance from experts, as proper conversion optimization can build web leads.

IBM also found that SMBs using email have not ensured that the rapidly growing mobile user base can interact with the campaigns. ContentLEAD recently reported that growing reliance on mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, has made it a competitive necessity for all site content and marketing material to be accessible on these handsets. Sixty-four percent of companies told IBM that they do not currently offer email content entirely functional to mobile users.

While 33 percent said they planned to create mobile friendly newsletters in the next year, these organizations are currently at risk of losing subscribers. Highlighting data from a Knotice report, ContentLEAD stated that 27 percent of all emails are opened on mobile devices. As smartphone use continues its ascent, small businesses without a strategy to accommodate mobile users could miss chances for conversion.

According to Knotice, just 2.39 percent of consumers said they open an emails from companies on their desktops when they know messages from the sponsoring business are inaccessible on mobile devices. While an attractive offer or intriguing content could compel some to do so, most have grown frustrated by incompatibility across devices.