Small business owners might be missing out on conversions if they ignore duplicate B2C or B2B leads.

Social media marketing is all the rage, but how do small business owners really feel about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social platforms? Social media content can help any brand leverage its offerings on these sites, but plans are needed for each social outlet. Some small business owners and other leaders wonder: Do initiatives on these platforms really work? If so, which ones are the best?

According to a recent survey by the Wall Street Journal and Vistage International, LinkedIn is the favorite for small businesses. Forty-one percent of respondents reported that it had the most potential. In contrast, only 3 percent said they believed Twitter had the most potential, while 14 percent chose Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal spoke with Ken Lopez, who runs a small legal consulting firm and uses both LinkedIn and Twitter. Although he Tweets regularly, he’s seen much more success on LinkedIn. Perhaps this is because of a more targeted audience, or a more serious one, but Lopez believes the professional social network drives more ROI than sites like Twitter or Facebook.

“We will tweet 10-plus times a day, and we will put roughly the same number of posts on LinkedIn per day, yet we get dramatically different results,” Lopez told the WSJ.

Contentlead recently reported on new features on LinkedIn that help businesses connect with professionals using interactive content. Small business owners that already have a presence on the site can take advantage, and so can brands that do not yet have a presence on LinkedIn.