Small businesses have a lot to consider when developing a website to drive sales.

According to Street Fight, small businesses are being more aggressive in their targeting of local prospects by shifting content marketing strategies to accommodate nearby audiences.

SMBs are especially focused on adding value and boosting their bottom lines this year. With an improved economy, many are looking to invest more in their marketing campaigns. Still, the difficultly of the last few years has created an environment that is cautiously optimistic.

One area that many SMBs view as a potential success driver is greater targeting of their local markets. However, keeping with the theme of cautious optimism, 49 percent of SMBs included in Street Fight’s study said the most important consideration when deciding on a localized content marketing campaign is the ability to attract new prospects.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said that they look at gaining new customers as the primary appeal of any content marketing campaign. Moreover, 22 percent said the ability to effectively target content is their greatest concern.

Using a localized keyword strategy can help articles and blog posts appeal to users in a business’ area.

SMBs looking to appeal to other companies in their regions can use content marketing to attract prospects. ContentLEAD recently reported that the B2B sector is especially strong for content marketing at the moment, with 90 percent of B2B purchase decisions rooted in exposure to some form of content.