SMBs need good CTAs before they add blog content to their websites.

Small businesses will soon be able to share a little piece of their identities with internet users and improve SEO results, thanks to a Google update that displays logos alongside search results. Google’s Webmaster Central Blog recently announced it’s launching a new coding feature that allows businesses to add a logo that will display in search engine results pages. 

While most SMBs don’t have extensive backgrounds in computer technology, they might find this update worthwhile. Google’s search crawlers can identify when websites include visual images, which is preferable to internet users. The search engine’s Matt Cutts asserts that people are more likely to click on website content if it also has images. Studies have also shown that four in 10 like to read content that is presented with images.

To be clear: This update does not attribute content to businesses similar to the way Authorship credits writers with their articles.

New markup to include logos in search results

“Markup like this is a strong signal to our algorithms to show this image in preference over others, for example when we show Knowledge Graph on the right hand side based on users’ queries,” reports the Google WebMaster Central Blog.

If SMBs adjust their sitemaps to include business logos, using the markup Google suggests, they might receive higher rankings in search engine results pages and receive more clicks from internet users.